is a private, hybrid cloud, not for profit technology research organization, marketing tool and — frankly — hobby, of Josh Moyer's. The services provided by provide an excellent platform for keeping my skills always fresh and up to date. In addition to keeping my base skills strong, also allows me to take on challenges and to study areas that I might not be able to at work, such as SVG graphics and my custom JavaScript animation library. has a history of innoving. From our use of 1394 as a converged storage and network bus, to live webcam streaming and also unified voicemail (all ca. 2003), to SVG, XHTML, virtualization and hearables (in 2017).

Please visit the settings pane (Beta) to pick a color (Phosphor, Amber or Periwinkle), or to check out the very trick SVG logo effects! (Breathing is only the default!)

Drop us a note if you would like to learn more or to connect.

Hypervisor & Kernel Statistics

Hypervisor Instances

Google Compute Engine:1
Microsoft Hyper-V on Azure:1
VMWare Workstation:1

Running Kernels

Bragi OS:1